DJ Zinhle: I'm feeling overwhelmed

2016-07-20 14:13


DJ Zinhle (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – She’s shown us that she can handle being a mom, DJ, and businesswoman, all while dealing with a bad break-up and trying to find new love. With her track record, it’s easy to see how fans can expect DJ Zinhle to be able to do just about everything… at once.

But it seems it’s all becoming a little too much for Zinhle, who started off her latest blogpost with three simple words – “I’m feeling overwhelmed”. In the article on her blog, Moments by DJ Zinhle, she spoke about how difficult her juggling act has become. 

“Just a few months ago I was feeling like Super Woman, working hard, being a mom and playing all the other roles I had assigned to myself. Lately, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have been working hard, trying to make sure I secure my child’s future while providing for her financially and emotionally.” 

But while the DJ mentioned feeling “out of control”, she was quick to come up with a solution to her problems, drawing up a list of things to do in order to “hopefully find some balance.” 

The list includes asking for help when needed, spending some time alone, planning activities with baby Kairo, and not being afraid to say no.