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DJ Zinhle's strength trends on Twitter

2016-05-20 10:49
DJ Zinhle (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – The past few months have been a rollercoaster ride for DJ Zinhle. It took her a sec to piece her life back together, but she has finally done it, resulting in a woman that is happier, healthier, and stronger. So strong in fact, that the Twitterverse could not help but get the muso trending.

On Thursday, after DJ Zinhle’s appearance on popular magazine show, Top Billing, the DJ noticed a trend starting on Twitter. Zinhle usually refers to herself as being strong, or having strength, in interviews and on social media, and her fans made sure that she understood how often she uses this word. Just last week she appeared on CliffCentral, talking about how her life has changed (check that story out here).

Twitter had no chill, replacing the words, “strength/strong”, in sentences with, “DJ Zinhle”.

One Twitter user said,  “I feel so DJ Zinhle”. While another joked, “With God by my side, I’m DJ Zinhle”.

DJ Zinhle showed just how strong she can be when she played along instead of catching feelings. “The SWOT analysis must be changed… ama leave this here…” she tweeted.

We love that Zinhle was so chilled about the whole matter. The best part is that when all was said and done, trending on Twitter helped the star reach 1 million followers!

We’re proud of you girl, stay strong!