DJ Zinhle's uncle cracks the whip!

2017-08-21 09:28
DJ Zinhle, Brendon Naidoo
DJ Zinhle, Brendon Naidoo (Photo: Instagram)

DJ Zinhle’s uncle, Mthembeni Jiyane, has sternly warned his niece’s boyfriend, Brendon Naidoo, to be careful when he deals with the famous DJ. Move! understands that after Zinhle told her uncle about her relationship problems, Mthembeni got angry and stepped in to restore Zinhle’s dignity.


It is understood that Zinhle shared her pain with Mthembeni about how she and Brendon were not on good terms.  An insider close to the My Name Is hit-maker tells Move! that Zinhle felt that Brendon’s recent arrest over allegations of fraud had disturbed her.  “Zinhle is a loving woman, but she gets hurt easily. She is fragile and the men whom she associates herself with, are nothing but dramatic people,” says our source.  It is alleged that after his arrest, Brendon took out his frustrations on Zinhle. “This hurt her and she decided to tell her uncle about Brendon’s actions. Mthembeni got angry and took it upon himself to protect his niece from further harm. He told Brendon that he will deal with him,” says the source.


Move! understands that Mthembeni told Brendon that nobody plays with Zinhle’s emotions and gets away with it. “He told Brendon that he was sick and tired of seeing Zinhle upset and that it should come to an end. Mthembeni told Brendon if he wanted to know what he is capable of, he should ask AKA,” says our source.  Speaking to Move!, Mthembeni says he acted the way he did to protect his niece as he didn’t want to see her hurt anymore.  “I am just doing what any parent or uncle would do to protect his niece,” says Mthembeni. “The only thing which is better for him and Zinhle is to sort out their differences, and I was just knocking some sense in him. I am not interested on how they live their lives, but he must know that I care so much about Zinhle’s happiness.”


It is understood that after Mthembeni had told Brendon to act like a responsible person, the latter went to Instagram to declare his love for Zinhle. He said on his page, “For My Love @djzinhle – I am blessed. Your presence is heaven to me. You supply all my needs. You make a way when there seems to be no way out. Your joy is my strength.” Another source claims that Brendon was scared of Mthembeni and he decided to go back to Zinhle to apologise. Move! contacted Zinhle but she hung up the phone.

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