DM Buhle Mkhize and you'll get blocked

2016-11-09 19:00


Buhle Mkhize
Buhle Mkhize (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Please stop sending fashionista and Instagram hottie, Buhle Mkhize, DMs or prepare to get blocked!

"DM and you'll get blocked as of today," Buhle wrote on Instagram. "Most of you think I'm here because I want men's attention. I actually don't even want platonic relationships with anyone."

You heard the lady, she is only hear to "educate" and "entertain." And she isn't even interested in a "platonic friendship." So don't get any ideas. 

So, what should we do with the saucy videos? "Your only job around here is making sure you have data to watch them videos, that's all," she says. 

Here's the full post: