Do you remember the Sasol 'glug glug' baby? This is what she looks like now

2020-04-02 13:36
Sasol 100 TV ad
Sasol 100 TV ad (Photo: YouTube)

Before the convenience of Netflix and Showmax, we had to adhere to a strict TV schedule if we wanted to watch our favourite show. And with no PVR or YouTube, it meant that we couldn't skip through the ads - the horror!

However, the golden age of TV brought on some on-air marketing gems, including the classic Cremora "It's not inside, it's on top" advert, which featured a husband who couldn't find the coffee creamer in the fridge.

Remember that one? 

But it was the "glug glug" baby in the Sasol heart-warming advert, who stole the hearts of South Africans.

The baby's grandparents, played by Tilana Hanekom and Eghan van der Hoven - who were married in real life, try to teach their grandchild to say "ouma" and "oupa," but instead "he" says: "glug glug," followed by "Sasol." Before speeding off the porch in his petrol-fueled pram.


In 2017, Sarie launched a search campaign to find the much-loved baby in blue, and several months later after sifting through tip-offs from readers, they found who they were looking for.

The first big surprise was the "little boy," was actually a girl - named Tayla Farrell. 

Speaking to the magazine, she explained that she was "discovered" by accident, at a mall with her mother. That day her mother had dressed her in her brother's blue clothes, so she even looked like a boy. 

But how did they get her lips to move so perfectly? Tayla said that her mom rubbed honey on her lips and gums, so she would lick it and open her mouth.

Now, more than two decades later, Tayla is an events planner in Johannesburg, and enjoys sport and dancing.


Tayla Farrell

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