Dr Smile gets his master's degree in style

2016-07-06 15:17

Cape Town – Dr Lex Leo has made grills for rappers like AKA and Nasty C, but there’s much more to this handsome doctor’s profession than blinging out South Africa’s baddest boys. 

It takes several years to become qualified as a dentist and then several more to get a master's degree in dentistry. And the sexy local practitioner, known as Dr Smile, has done it all.

Lex graduated in great style on Tuesday.  He documented the entire experience on his Instagram and took the time to thank his family and inspire younger generations to stay in school. 

Here are the inspiring posts: 

My dearest?? ?????????????????????????? (Miss you mama??). Thank you all for all your love! #DRSMILE #MASTERS #WITS #DENTIST #GOLDENKEY #AFRICAN #BAHAI

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My most most super, wonderful, amazing, precious, angelic and dear grandparents! I honestly feel that it is only because of the selfless sacrifice, service and hardships our grandparents and parents endure that we have the opportunity to do what we do! Thank you! My dearest Grandmother was kicked out of university because of her belief I. The teachings of the Bahai Faith and was never afforded the opportunity to study what she wanted to!(this injustice is still going on today with so many dear Bahá'í's in Iran who are denied eduction based on their beliefs of the Unity of Humanity and the Oneness of God??).My dearest mother, who I so wish could have been here,passed away on the day of her graduation having gone back to university at age 60 to study so that she could better serve humanity. This Masters degree goes out to both of these amazing women!( and my granddaddy for being lucky enough to marry one of them haha!) I love you!?????????????? #DRSMILE #MASTERS #WITS #DENTIST #DSCDSA #AFRICAN #BAHAI

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