Enhle Mbali defends 'blackface' post on Instagram

2016-07-13 11:30


Enhle Mbali
Enhle Mbali (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Actress, Enhle Mbali has been caught in social media cross-fire after sharing a post on social media, featuring a darkened skin tone.

Weighing in on the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota, and the #BlackLivesMatter trend on social media, Enhle Mbali took to Instagram, saying, "Black lives matter in all shades!! When the color of the berry matters not , but how sweet it is does.THAT WILL BE THE DAY LOVE WINS. (sic)"

In the video, DJ Black Coffee's wife is seen wearing a darker shade of face makeup. "When we loveourselfs enough to start bleaching browner, when our love for us gets black lives to matter even more, when? TODAY, (sic)" she goes on to say.

There has been mixed reactions on social media. Many followers where quick to call-out the Rockville actress, calling her video "disgustingly offensive".

In the comment section of the Instagram post, Enhle responded to her fans, asking them to focus on the "essence of the message".

She wrote: "As I'm happy it invoke some emotional impact. I hope the true essence of this message and everything in the picture when analysed further than the color of the woman's (me) has come across. Your reaction is my point. We care so much about skin "berry" that forget its essence "sweetness " . We love yellow bones forgetting, chocolate caramel and vanilla have the same Essenes !! All lives matter no mater where in the hues of the color wheel they are!! Imagine the day we all get that right... We will stop being offended with trivial things and deal with real issues. Mmmm. Once again sorry my interpretation in the matter offended you. Hope this helps u better understand."

This is not the first time that Enhle has been caught up in a racial incident. Earlier this year she revealed that she experienced "racist slurs" on the set of local soapie 7de Laan. (You can read the story here.)