Enhle Mbali 'doing okay' following hijacking

2018-07-20 14:24
Enhle Mbali (Photo:

Cape Town - Local actress and TV personality Enhle Mbali is "doing okay" following a hijacking on Wednesday.

Enhle's publicity team, Capacity Relations, confirmed reports that the Broken Vows actress was taken to hospital after being ambushed in Hyde Park (Johannesburg), just after 16:00.   

They declined to comment further on the matter, saying: " The details of the hijacking are in police hands and they are dealing with the details of the case."

Speaking to The Juice, Founder and CEO of the company, Sarit Tomlinson said: "Enhle has been through an unfortunate and traumatic experience. We are grateful that she was physically unharmed. She has her family and friends around her and is surrounded by love. Enhle is doing okay."

Adding: "We would like to take this opportunity to thank the media for all their care and support."

Enhle addressed her fans in an Instagram Live video on the social media platform on Friday, thanking people for their kind messages of support. 

She confirmed that she was victim to an "attempted hijacking," and reiterated that she is "okay."

The video message addressed a much a deeper issue, relating to the crime rates in South Africa. Adding that the experienced opened her eyes to "a whole new way of policing."

She said: "The police are in fear. Criminals have rights, more so that the victims and the cops."

Speaking about how she was feeling following the incident she said: "I feel mad and sad. It's not a nice feeling to work so hard, and have things taken away from you."

The actress then addressed president Cyril Ramaphosa, urging him to take a hard look at the constitution: "We have problems, right now. You are now the president of South Africa. You now have the power to create the change we want to see in South Africa."

She also spoke about the "desperate unemployment" rate, adding that politicians need to stop pointing fingers and find solutions. 

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