Enhle Mbali on her new podcast: 'I hope this empowers women to take back their power'

2019-08-04 05:00
Enhle Mbali, Tbo Touch
Enhle Mbali, Tbo Touch (Photo: Amanda Murimba)

Johannesburg – In July Enhle Mbali revealed she would be launching her very own podcast in partnership with Touch HD. 

The pre-recorded show, called Sincerely Yours, takes on the format of a vodcast (podcast with a video element), and will "unpack meaningful and powerful topics faced by everyday people through the eyes of esteemed guests," a press statement said. 

Opening up about the concept behind the show, Enhle told Channel24 the idea for Sincerely Yours was born when she started doing "Women's Wednesday" on her Instagram account and realised that "women needed the space to have real, authentic conversations on the unspeakable with regards to society."

The show will, however, provide a platform for both men and women. "I invite various women and men to my safe space where we then converse on issues across the border in a non-interview style," she explains. 

Enhle Mbali

To create that safe space, Enhle's guests will join her in pj's as they chat in a penthouse studio space located in Johannesburg.

When it comes to handling sensitive issues on the show, the actress says it's all about producing a comfortable environment and relating to her guests by opening up about issues she has faced too.

In the end, she hopes to create an open dialogue in South Africa about "all of the emotional hurdles" people go through and to empower women.

"I hope this empowers women to take their power back – emotionally, physically, mentally and just holistically. We live in a time where change is constant, but important changes are often neglected. I want men to be comfortable with having powerful woman at their side. I want women not to throw away all old traditions," she tells us, adding that guests should take away valuable lessons from the conversations with her guests. 

(Photo: Amanda Murimba)