Eugene Khoza writes an open letter to comedy

2016-11-24 09:18


Eugene Khoza (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Comedian Eugene Khoza woke up on a mission on Thursday when he decided it was time to write an open letter to comedy. 

The star posted several tweets about his thoughts and opinions on the comedy industry using the hashtag #ComedyOpenLetter. 

“If there’s one thing I know for sure funny is funny and funny translates so lets get that excuse out of the way,” he started his “open letter” with.

The comedian also shared his thoughts on TV stars “taking chances in comedy”. 

In another tweet Eugene seemed unimpressed with the material produced by some comedians. 

Seems not everyone was happy with the comedian sharing his opinions though.

But Eugene wasn’t having it, threatening to expose any negative DM’s sent his way, saying, “even in war there’s rules”. 

But even that didn't stop him from sharing even more.