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Euphonik and Bonang drama thickens

2017-09-04 10:33
Euphonik (Photo: Supplied)

A Sunday newspaper reports that Euphonik claimed his ex-girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, used to beat him up when she was drunk and would accuse him of cheating on her.

The paper also reports that Euphonik alleges Bonang would cut her wrists with a knife and when she started bleeding would call the police and lie that he assaulted her.

The DJ reportedly revealed this information in response to Bonang’s permanent protection order against him in 2012 at the Randburg Magistrate's Court. She later dropped the charges.

It’s alleged Queen B dropped the charges because of Euphonik's claims he suffered physical abuse at her hands. When contacted for comment on the matter Bonang's management DNA Brand Architects said, "We have made a decision not to comment on this matter." 

Source: Sunday World