Euphonik says he has a lot of dirt on Bonang

2016-09-21 13:44


Euphonik (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - In an interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk, Euphonik said that his relationship with TV personality Bonang Matheba is over and he wishes everybody would move on. 

During the interview, Anele shifted the questions to his relationship with Bonang. Many called the relationship "toxic" and the couple went through a very public split when Bonang laid assault charges against him in 2012. 

"I knew it wasn't working when it started to affect me and my thought process. You know as a guy you ask yourself questions like would you give this woman your surname, do you want her to have your kids, do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with her, and when the answer is no, it isn't working," he said.

"She has no dirt on me because I have played it very cleverly but I have a lot of dirt on her, definitely. I'm just saying," Euphonik laughed. But explained that he has always been very "tactical" when it comes to protecting himself.

You can watch the full interview here: