Euphonik steps in and makes a huge difference

2017-08-10 14:21
PHOTO: Killer Kau/Instagram

DJ and businessman Euphonik saw an opportunity to make a young persons life better and invited Killer Kau to studio so that they could "make the song". It's safe to say that since last week things have been looking up for Killer Kau.

When Killer Kau (Sakhile Makhubu) a video of himself singing over Destruction Boyz's instrumental "Shut up and Groove", he piqued Euphonik's interest which led to a hit single being made. 

Euphonik produced the Tholukuthi Hey hit and it has already been played on radio stations and clubs nationally. It usually takes any newcomer in the music industry at least a year to make it as big as Killer Kau has made it in a matter of a week, but with Euphonik's business savvy he has already booked a Tholukuthi concert on Saturday the 12th. 

Euphonik also tweeted that he's planning the music video with Slikour,