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Everything you need to know about Dr Smile's debut single

2018-06-27 18:00
LEXLEO (Photo: Ricardo Marcus K)

Johannesburg – Dentist to the stars, Dr Smile has made his debut in the music industry with his new track BAFUN’ UKWAZI.  

The star, who also goes by the name LEXLEO, spoke to The Juice about the single and his plans for the future. 

Take a look below: 

You’ve been working on music for a while, would this be your first official single? 

Haha, a while is correct, but the stars are now aligned for release and I feeI that I have put sufficient time and effort into this creative project for it to cause the shift in thinking I am hoping for it to evoke. So yes, BAFUN' UKWAZI is officially my first single.

Tell us a little about the song. 

The title BAFUN' UKWAZI (isiZulu for "They wana know") came about in response to the curiosity and intrigue around my multiple interests and professions. People would always ask me questions about my lifestyle, my seemingly divergent professions, The Bahá'í Faith and the principles I follow, my relationship status, my dress sense and my cultural upbringing, and so placing it as the title for my debut introductory track to the world and the music industry felt only appropriate.

Obviously, being born and bred in South Africa, combined with my interest in the Zulu language which started more formally the year I lived in KZN working in the army, was an organic choice as well. Hip-hop has played a huge role in my life, my thinking and my role in society today, and for me is not only the most relevant genre for the children and youth today, but is the most relevant platform from which to tell a story. This is the prologue to my story.

Who produced the track? 

The track was produced by AV, not only a very good friend and international music producer, but more importantly, someone who vibrates on the same frequency as me in terms of my aims and goals, in terms of my vision for music, my desire to bring about change, and my excitement for creativity. He is from Bridgetown, in Athlone, Cape Town.

Are you planning on releasing an album? 

What I want do to is to try stay as far away from traditional approaches for the time being. For now, I want to focus on creating and releasing multiple songs and music videos in an array of genres I enjoy, that people would not expect to come from one source. It seems more exciting and challenging that way.

Listen to BAFUN’ UKWAZI here