EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Darren shares photo of his incredible body transformation

2018-10-16 07:45
Kurt Darren
Kurt Darren (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Following his dramatic 26kg weight loss, Afrikaans dance music sensation Kurt Darren speaks to Channel24 about his new lease on life, and the positive effect his wellness journey has had on his family and career. 

The 48-year-old singer has always lived a very active lifestyle, having previously gone parasailing, white river rafting, shark cage diving and skiing. But with touring the world and constantly being on the road, Kurt says that he started to "neglect" his health.    

Ready to make a serious lifestyle change, the singer embarked on a 12-week programme with Kaizen Wellness. "Over the course of 3-months I challenged myself to get into the best shape of my life. And now, the end of the 12-weeks have turned into the rest of my life," he says. 

"I love a challenge, and I really wanted to push myself to be in peak physical and mental condition. With a beautiful wife, and two young children I really wanted to give the 12-weeks my all, to be the best I could be for my future-self."

About Kurt's remarkable progress Jacques Visagie, founder of Kaizen Wellness, says: "It takes a very disciplined person to achieve Kurt's level of program adherence. And as a result of that effort he now has some incredible bragging rights. In 12 weeks his total fat-loss was 26.18kg and I can tell you that he feels even better than he looks."



The biggest challenge for Kurt was the food temptations while on tour, and performing across the country: "I learnt that at the end of the day it's all about portion control, moderation and balance. Something switched in my brain, and I realised that the small sacrifice I'm making now could change the rest of my life. 

"The snack or welcome drink you turn down now, will show later," he says, adding that seeing the weekly progress kept him motivated throughout the 12-weeks. 

According to Kurt he is in the "best physical condition" of his life, and eating well and exercising has impacted all aspects of life, including his music career, friends and family.

"My energy on stage has been phenomenal and people have taken notice. Before I started working out, I could still do an hour-and-a-half set on stage, but now I can do it with so much more ease."

His new-found lease on life has also inspired a new summer single to be released later this year, influenced by his new zest for life."This wellness journey has had a direct impact on my music and career," he says. 

But Kurt reiterates that the weight-loss has only been a "symptom," or a "bonus" of eating well and exercising.   


Kurt Darren

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With this new energy comes a new sense of confidence, Kurt says: "I've always felt a little self-conscious on stage, even though I wouldn't really show it. I love a really great T-shirt, and have always worn a XXL. I'm tall, and although I might not have been overweight, I could still hide a lot under a jacket."

"The other night my wife surprised me and left two slim-fit, size large T-shirts on the bed with a special note for me," he says.

Gushing over his wife, and what her support has meant to him, he says: "Without her help I would never have been able to do this. And the beautiful gesture just speaks to the type of person she is."  

Speaking to Channel24, Kurt's wife, Dunay, says that she has noticed an overall difference in her husband's confidence. "He is so much more confident and comfortable in his clothes. And he now needs a whole new wardrobe. We've already had to take in all his jeans! I told him the other day: 'I'm so glad that at least your shoes still fit'.' It's so great to see, especially in an industry that can be so vicious."

The Kaalvoet Sokkie singer, who has two young children, says: "In the past a lot of every day activity required a lot of effort. Now I can play, run and walk with my kids with ease. And they can feel it too. I'm doing a lot more with my kids, and because I'm away from home a lot, the time I get to spend with my family, can now really be quality time."

Kurt says he has always had a "bad lower back and core," but now he can pick up his kids, and enjoy physical activities like golf even more.

He says: "Being fit and healthy is the best gift you can give yourself and the people around you. Everything else has fallen into place. And everybody out there has it in them to make a positive change." 

On the topic of being an active and hands-on father, Dunay laughs as she talks about how much their kids enjoy it when Kurt pulls them around the yard in their "Jolly Lorry."

A sentiment echoed by his trainer, Jacques: "He gets to enjoy his kids more because he has the energy to keep up with them even after a long day's work. Little things like his performance on the golf course and on stage. Many things that use to feel like work are starting to feel fun again. That's massive quality he's added to his day to day life." 

Kurt thanks his fans for their continued support: "No one ever really made me feel uncomfortable. And even when I was not that confident, they [fans] were always supportive. They are so proud. Just little things that they've been doing like writing a tweet, or commenting on Facebook, really means so much to me."

He encourages fans to join him on this journey: "I cannot and will never judge anyone for their physical appearance, but I can use my platform to inspire and equip people with the ways and means to face their everyday challenges."

"It's never too late, I'm a prime example. Doesn't matter what stage of life you're in. Anyone can do it. Your work, family and friends - everyone can benefit from it," he adds.  

Kurt's biggest fan and rock, Dunay, says: "I'm so proud of him. His work ethic and the way he always sees something through, is really something that I've always admired."

Kurt will release a professional video on all platforms that will show everyone exactly how he achieved the results, and how this positive metamorphosis has changed his life. - Keep an eye out! 

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