Fan: AKA offered me a joint and R2 000

2016-09-22 13:03


AKA (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town -  On Wednesday afternoon, AKA took to Twitter to warn fans against posting pictures of him on Snapchat without his knowledge. He went on to say that he threw a fan's phone off a balcony for pulling "that shit".

He warned that if you violate his request, "your phone will fly". (Read the full story here.)

Now the alleged owner of the phone has come forward on Twitter, saying he was compensated with a "joint" and "R2 000".

We spoke to the owner of the Samsung S7, whose identity is known to The Juice but asked to remain anonymous, about what happened on Saturday night after AKA's performance at Shimmy Beach Club.

According to the owner of the phone AKA left the stage and returned to the upstairs VIP area, where he and his friends were seated. 

The source claimed that his friend wanted to take a picture with Bonang who was sitting on the balcony. "AKA clearly looked annoyed after he saw the flash go off."

When his friend took a second picture AKA approached them and grabbed the phone out of her hand. He shouted, "Who the fuck are you? Who said you can take pictures?" and threw the phone off the balcony.

After the altercation AKA asked that everyone clear the upstairs VIP section. The talent then setup next to the bar downstairs and were signing autographs and selling merchandise.

After looking for the phone with no success, the source approached AKA's manager and explained the situation to which his manager said, "sorry". He was then referred to the road manager who could also only offer an apology.

Later that evening the source and his friend eventually made it past security to speak to AKA. After they talked things through AKA apologised for his behaviour and then offered the source a "joint" and a "bottle". 


In addition, AKA also allegedly offered R2 000 compensation for the Samsung S7. (The phone is worth R9 399.)

When the source challenged AKA on the amount, AKA responded with, "I could have given you R1 500 or just walked away."

AKA immediately settled the agreed R2 000 via FNB eWallet. 


"As one of his biggest fans I was very disappointed in the way he tried to compensate me. He could've just bought me a new phone the next morning. Not just give me a joint and R2 000. I could only withdraw R1 900 from that R2 000 he sent us." 

We reached out to AKA's management team, who reserve comment on the matter. They referred us to AKA's comments on Twitter and added that they are currently focused on AKA's new collaboration, a major magazine cover and his nominations at the 2016 MAMAs.

So, there you go. 

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