Fed-up Gareth Cliff slams Zuma in fiery rant

2016-08-25 13:03


Gareth Cliff. (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Radio presenter and Idols judge Gareth Cliff has never been one to shy away from conflict.

The controversial radio personality and owner of CliffCentral took aim at President Jacob Zuma after it emerged that the Hawks would be conducting an investigation into Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. 

On his radio show, Cliff explained his theory behind why Pravin was now being scrutinised by the government.

“Can you believe this president of ours. What is wrong with this guy?” he asked as he opened the show on Wednesday. 

He went on to explain why he was calling the president out. “You know the president has got this thing about state capture. His whole point now, his whole purpose now, he realises that the power is starting to slip away from him, so he’s on a massive greed binge. And his trying to get as much money out of the system as he can.” 

Cliff boldly gave his theory on what he suspects the president is up to. “Mark these words because this is what’s gonna happen alright. The President is gonna take every cent he can, he’s already moving it all off shore. I’m not sure how, I don’t know the detail here but this is what I suspect is happening. This guy is busy raping the state owned enterprises as we speak of every last cent of cash that he can.” 

He also took aim at the Guptas’, calling them Zuma’s "criminal friends".

"He’s got these criminal friends called the Guptas’. And I say criminal only because we’ve heard of ways and means that they’ve obtained contracts from government," he said. Adding that the Guptas’ live off shore yet still "send instructions to the president at the Union Buildings and he enacts those instructions."

Cliff summed up his suspicions saying that the president is going after the treasury, calling the the Minister of Finance "he’s big obstacle".

"Now I reckon what he’s doing is he sees after these elections he’s between a rock and a hard place, there’s a lot of pressure on him from within the ANC, so he’s gonna take what he can now and make a massive final gamble and target number one is the treasury cause that’s where the cash is. That’s the big bank he’s trying to rob."

Listen to the full clip here