Filling up the Dome isn't AKA's dream

2016-05-03 15:51


AKA. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town - It’s been a busy week for AKA, and it’s only Tuesday!

The rapper took to his Twitter account on Tuesday, still buzzing from the success of his SUPERMEGA SHOW on Sunday, in Soweto, Johannesburg.

The mega-concert saw the Sama-nominated rapper perform alongside the likes of Da Les, Kwesta and Yanga to a packed crowd.

The star shared some pics on his Twitter account, thanking his fans for their support, while in the same breathe, thanking his bae, Bonang.  

Not all sunshine and roses

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, as he also used the opportunity to prove a point after fans used his success to try and pin him against his nemesis, Cassper Nyovest.

Since Cassper #filledupthedome last year (Remember? Of course you do! But just in case you don’t, check it out here), the pressure has been on for AKA to do something better. Sorry guys, he’s just not interested.  

“Guys .... Everybody doesn't have to have the same dream. For ME, no point in performing at the dome one week and at a chesa nyama the next.” The rapper tweeted.

He added, “Let #FillUp etc be another man's dream .... Not mine.”

More #SuperMegaShow coming soon

Not to worry though, AKA still plans on selling out shows, it’s just the hashtag he’s beefing with…so he created one of his own. After the success of the first one, the rapper says he plans to make #SuperMegaShow a regular occurrence.  

“I want a SUSTAINABLE TOURING SOLUTION ... #SupaMegaShow will become the NORM, and not the exception, and that's MY business," he tweeted.  

Although he hasn’t stated when or where the next show will be, fans are already lining up in support of the rapper’s decision.