Former Muvhango star gets big break

2017-08-30 10:11
PHOTO: Zweli_dube/Instagram

Zweli Dube played Pule Mapetla, a young lawyer on Muvhango. He may have been introduced to us on the show but Zweli is reintroducing himself as a action movie actor now.

The model spoke to TshisaLive about his new role.

He will be staring in a new blockbuster film called Next Assignment: Code Blue  where he will be playing Lieutenant Jake Mhamha. The movie is being currently shot in SA and will be shot in Los Angeles early next year.

"I recently started shooting for an action-thriller blockbuster. It is hitting our screens in 2018. It's going to take SA, Africa and the world by storm and it will premier in LA," he said.

He promises that it's an action movie you haven't seen before. 

"It is a lot of action but nothing like you have seen before. In addition to occasionally finding myself shirtless in the film, I have been enjoying playing my character. I play the lead lieutenant Mhamha, who is also a corrupt cop or double agent. He's also a ladies' man but basically he's the main man," he explained.

Coming Soon....

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