Francois van Coke writes emotional tribute after dog Ringo's death

2017-11-27 12:04
Francois Van Coke
Francois Van Coke (Photo: Channel24)

Cape Town - Local Afrikaans singer Francois van Coke said his final goodbyes to his dog Ringo in an emotional Facebook post on Monday.  

He writes: "We are so sad. Our child, friend and loyal companion died yesterday. Ringo had a heart attack yesterday, and was gone immediately. Nothing will ever be able to replace him."

He goes on to say that Ringo was so much more than just a dog, and did so much in his short life.

"I will think about him every day. I can't believe he is gone," he adds.

According to the heart-rending Facebook post Francois and his wife, Lauren can't stop crying and wish that their daughter, Alex, could have spent more time with him.

"She already loved him so much," he said.