From rapper to Doctor: iFani plans to get his PhD

2016-07-04 12:02


iFani (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg - After reinventing his image, iFani has now decided that he would like a PhD to go with his stylish new look.

On Thursday the rapper announced on Twitter that he's planning on going back to school to get his Doctorate in Philosophy.

He wrote on Twitter: "As soon as my 2nd Quadrant work is done I'll start workin towards my PhD. Not to make mo money but to make myself a sharper & better person." (sic) 

He also took the time to encourage fans with a few positive words. “Dear graduates, neva let a dropout with money make you feel like you made a wrong choice with education. You r worthy with your beautiful mind.” (sic) 

After a self-imposed hiatus, the rapper is back and he means business. Mr. iFani now, Dr. iFani in the future. We like it!