Full house for the Wincklers this festive season

2018-12-20 08:26
Heinz Winckler and family
Heinz Winckler and family. (Photo: Instagram/@heinz.winckler)

Cape Town - Singer Heinz Winckler and his wife, image consultant and motivational speaker Aletté-Johanni, are looking forward to home full of friends and family this holiday, many of whom are visiting from overseas.

“Many of our family members, especially on Heinz’s side, live overseas and everyone’s coming to South Africa for the holidays,” says Aletté, adding that her parents and possibly her siblings will also join them.

“Heinz’s parents live in Betty’s Bay [in the Western Cape]. So, we’ll be spending Christmas between our home and Betty’s Bay with all our family and loved ones.”

Heinz and Aletté have much to celebrate this year, including their 12th wedding anniversary, as well as the health and happiness of their three sons, Lian (8), Simeon (6) and Reuben (4).

“We usually have a Christmas feast at our house and there’s a lot of food because everyone brings something. It’s a wonderful time of relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family,” Aletté says.

“My mother-in-law, Elsa Winckler, is an incredible cook and we usually have a large variety, including ham, roast lamb, beef tongue, roast vegetables and potatoes and a variety of interesting salads. There’s enough food to feed an army.”

The highlight of their Christmas lunch is the dessert. Elsa makes a delicious gingerbread, caramel and ice cream dessert, as well as her own homemade berry ice cream.

“You gain about 4kg on Christmas Day – it’s ridiculous. Then we’ll finish off with coffee and chocolate, as if all that wasn’t enough,” Aletté says, laughing.

“Because we’re such an extended family we don’t buy gifts for everyone. On Christmas Eve we usually open gifts with the family who are with us on that evening, and one of the uncles or grandfathers usually plays Santa Clause – the kids love it.”

But her biggest wish for everyone, including her kids, is that the true message of Christmas isn’t obscured by gifts and bling – she wants it to be a celebration of family, and a time to create new memories together.

Aletté says she’s not sure what lies ahead for 2019 – but she does know how they’ll be ringing in the New Year.

“We usually celebrate with our best friends, who live close by. We’ll organise it so the kids can fall asleep together and the adults can greet the new year together,” she tells us.

“We usually take the opportunity to wish each other well for the year ahead and share with each other what we’ll be entrusting to God in the new year.”

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