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Gail Mabalane opens up about her Alopecia diagnosis

2019-03-13 08:49
Gail Mabalane (Photo:Getty/Gallo)
Gail Mabalane (Photo:Getty/Gallo)

Johannesburg – Actress Gail Mabalane on Tuesday opened up about her struggle with hair loss, telling fans through a post on Instagram that she has been diagnosed with Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia.

The star has previously shared pictures of herself with her hair cut off, capturing one snap with #baldandbeautiful in the past. But this time around she decided to let everyone in on why she made the decision to shave her head. 

"A few months ago I went to the salon for a routine hair wash. To my shock, after my wash, a big chunk of my hair was GONE!!!" Gail wrote. 

She added that after trying to remedy the problem herself with no success, she finally decided to seek help from a dermatologist. 

"Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia was the diagnosis. Simply put... a very common cause of Alopecia or hair loss in black women."

Gail says she is now undergoing treatment, and decided to talk about the diagnosis "to say to women: if you have any form of hair loss (hairline included), please consult a professional. Had I not gotten the necessary treatment, this would have resulted in permanent hair loss."

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