Gareth Cliff responds to 'fat shaming' allegations

2017-01-26 09:38


Gareth Cliff. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Responding to fat shaming allegations, Gareth Cliff says, "fat chance."

ICYMI: Referring to the anti-Trump women's march that took place across the globe on Saturday, the DJ posted a meme on Instagram saying, "In one day Trump got more fat women out walking than Michelle Obama did in eight years."

Many women called the post "disrespectful."

Gareth made it clear that he did not create the meme. Republican Sen. Jack Sandlin of Indianapolis was the first to post the meme on Facebook.

The Indiana state senator is currently under fire for allegedly sharing the "derogatory" social media post. He has since denied being responsible and has issued a public apology.  

The Juice reached out to Gareth Cliff for comment, and his spokesperson referred us to his public response on Facebook.

"It's meant to be funny, and if it isn't funny to you, then that's all - it isn't funny to you. Keep scrolling," Gareth wrote on Wednesday.  

"You can't make me stop laughing at things I find funny (like the video of the guy guiding a lady over a flooded pavement and she gets swept away in the flood, or the guy who gets his dick set on fire)," he wrote. 

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