Gigi Lamayne: According to society I'm not pretty enough

2016-06-10 14:52


Gigi Lamayne
Gigi Lamayne (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Rapper Gigi Lamayne took to Twitter on Friday to talk about her insecurities being a "darked skinned" black woman.

She started off by saying: "My fellow black people have taught me to hate myself for being dark skinned because according to society im not pretty enough.(sic)"

She opened up about the parts of her body that she finds most unattractive: "The one thing I hate about myself are my dug gums. Instead of embracing it as my black heritage, I'm ridiculed for having them. (sic)"

She went on to unpack the issues facing the beauty industry, where society deems light-skinned women as being more beautiful. Gigi was very candid in the series of tweets and even wrote about her own experiences.

The following tweets followed: "So many black girls feeling ugly and out of place because our own people treat us differently because of our weight and complexion. (sic)"

"You're so quick to beat down a black woman with an opinion. We speak to educate and you'll talk about our clothes and looks. Some black brothers telling us about how one woman looks better than another. (sic)

"Look at your mother and little sister. Is you okay bro? (sic)

"Black people love each other. Its so important. Not every brother looks like Chris Brown so don't expect every sister to look like Kim K. (sic)"

In response, one of her followers tweeted: "Your beauty is beyond what 140 characters will let me express. dont let them play you and make you play yourself. (sic)"

And we couldn't agree more!