GQ gathers SA's most stylish men in one place.

2016-10-30 09:47
Vuyo Dabula
Vuyo Dabula. (Photo: City Press)

Johannesburg - Just like beauty, style and fashion are in the eye of the beholder.

So, I did not envy the panel adjudicating the local chapter of international men’s magazine GQ’s Best-Dressed Men of the Year Awards, which took place on Monday night at a glitzy, invitation-only event in Johannesburg.

Adding spice to the evening was the audience, who, quite frankly "outdressed" the nominees.

Decked out in finery, such as crystal-white sneakers with tailored pants and body-hugging jackets, some of these wannabe fashionistas could have made the cut, too – especially those guys whose biceps could be spotted through their crisp, cotton shirts.

Not to be outdone by her male counterparts, radio and TV personality Khanyi Mbau gave the guys a run for their money in her chic top-and-tails outfit.

Anesu Chogugudzu

(Anesu Chogugudzu. Photo: City Press)

Actor Kevin Narain, stylista Alan Foley and trendsetter Shaun Stylist were some of the guests who shone in their outfits.

Many people complimented the three on their thread cred.

A cacophony of design was apparent as African prints and traditional accessories featured alongside high-end Western-style garments.

Unfortunately, most of the celebrities in attendance – including rappers Da L.E.S and ProVerb, and MC Tol Ass Mo – looked nondescript in their boring suits.

Hopefully, the event has taught them that stylish is the way to go, as model Anesu "Aneyx" Chogugudza and the night’s winner, actor and hottie Vuyo Dabula, ably demonstrated.

Shirley Mabiletja, Hayden Manuel and Nicole van Zy

(Shirley Mabiletja, Hayden Manuel and Nicole van Zyl. Photo: City Press)