Here's what Clint Brink DM'd his wife when they first started talking

2017-04-28 18:00


Clint Brink, Steffi Brink (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – What do you say to a pretty woman when you DM her?

How about, “You are gorgeous”? Sounds simple, but hey, it worked for Clint Brink. A couple months later and the guy was married. 

The actor shared a screengrab of the first time he DM’d now wife Steffi Brink and it was absolutely adorable. 

“By the time I decided to inbox her, I did some mini profile stalking & besides her obvious beauty… saw her heart in her words… it’s close to a year of being married and deciding to risk my heart again was the best decision I made in my life,” Clint captioned the post. 

Steffi and Clint said "I do" in a beautiful ceremony in late 2016. 

Check out the sweet post here: