Here's what happened when Danny K took on Coke Studio

2016-11-07 18:00


Danny K (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – It's no secret that Coke Studio season two has been bringing its A-game to keep audiences entertained. The quest to create New. Original. Music. with artists from across the globe has been an epic and fun-filled journey.

This week’s episode picked up on the cliff hanger from episode 10, featuring Sarah Jackson and Ethan Young on the second day of recording.

Producer 37mph wasn’t all satisfied with the quality of work produced the day before. After having a pep talk with Ethan to help get him out of his shell and step up his game, the team were able to produce their song, Alive

Next R&B-Pop veteran Danny K and RAW artist Miss Kay stepped into the Coke Studio. Danny is no stranger to the music scene and was invited to the studio as a mentor to the young Miss Kay. It didn't take long for them to write down lyrics and get into recording their vocals. In the end they were able to create their feel good track, That Feeling

In the final segment of the show, RAW artists Burn, Dean, and Jayd were teamed with Gigi Lamayne to create New. Original. Music. 

After finding that they had some things in common, the group came up with their song, Ghetto Funk

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