HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED: Zinhle Ngidi arrested for allegedly smacking a cop

2016-12-19 15:28


Zinhle Ngidi
Zinhle Ngidi (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Zinhle Ngidi is currently being detained at a Johannesburg police station for allegedly smacking a police officer.

The Juice spoke to Zinhle's manager - Bhuti Sitole - who was with Zinhle at the time of the incident.  

He explained that the he drove with the Shumaya singer to fetch her toddler from her mother's flat in downtown Johannesburg. The pair were stopped by law enforcement officers who prohibited them from entering the street, due to road closures.

They told the Metro officer that they needed to park closer to the flat in order to fetch the baby and the baby's things, as it was too heavy for Zinhle to carry on her own.

According to Bhuti, the officer told them, "voetsek."

After parking some distance from the flat, Zinhle - assisted by her mother and sister - carried the baby and the baby's things back to the car.

While packing the luggage in the car, Bhuti says that officer M.A. Tshoane approached them and started being aggressive. Zinhle explained to the officer that they did not use the restricted road.

Bhuti says that the Metro police officer then became more aggressive and pushed Zinhle's mom out of the way. Zinhle pushed her back, which provoked the officer to smack her. Sithole went on to say that Zinhle smacked her back out of "self defense."

He added that Zinhle was detained with her toddler and the child was later given to her mother. Zinhle is currently being detained at John Voster Police Station in Johannesburg. Zinhle is awaiting her lawyer. The child is now with Zinhle's sister.  

Sithole said that they tried to open a case at the police station but the officers told them they are not allowed to open a case.

The John Voster Police Station spokesperson was unavailable for comment. 

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