Here's what to expect from Patty Monroe's debut album

2017-01-16 07:01


Patty Monroe (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – It’s been a long wait but Cape Town born rapper, Patty Monroe, is finally ready to release her first full length album. 

The album, titled, Malatjie, will be released on 27 January. Speaking to The Juice, Patty says the album will contain 15 songs all together. The rapper also shared some other things fans can expect from Malatjie.

Expect more than just rapping.

Picking a favourite track was not easy for Patty. “That's like asking your parents which one of your kids are your favorite,” she says.  “But if I had to choose one it would be, Reminiscing. It's one of the tracks I sing more on than rap and it shows a completely different side to me. I can't wait to get a reaction from the public.” 

Expect to get in touch with your emotions.

The rapper says that, Fighter, was the most difficult song for her to write. “I had to dig deep on that one. I'm sure people will know it's not easy showing a person how vulnerable you are. We all act so tough and strong. We forget that our struggles help make us who we are supposed to become.” 

Expect some killer collabs.

“I didn't want many features on the album but there are three on there. And all of them are major. It's Ameen Harron , Bebe Cool, and Caleb Williams.” 

Expect ‘a piece of art’.

Patty says fans should expect, “a piece of art” from this album. “This is something that came straight from my heart and I pray that it touches theirs [her fans] too.”

Summing up the album in the three words, the rapper says it’s, “Very Patty Monroe.”