Here's why Nasty C made his album free

2016-10-13 22:00


Nasty C (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – In September Nasty C released his much-anticipated debut album, Bad Hair. The big shock came when fans discovered that the entire album was free to download. 

Chatting to The Juice, Nasty C explains why he made this huge decision. 

"The album was going to be delayed because we had an issue with sample clearance. There was this one song we couldn’t clear, and we were having trouble with that. So I even tweeted, I announced that we were gonna push it back," he told us. 

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Having warned his fans that the album may be delayed, he says that he still felt as though he was disappointing them, which is why he decided to release it for free. 

"It felt like that would be us disappointing the fans. So I didn’t want to do that because everyone has had my back. I wasn’t even pushing the album that much, but everybody on Twitter was, more than I was. So I thought that me being so chilled about it, and still pushing it back would actually make it seem like I don’t care about my fans or the album at all. So I thought, like, I had to put it out one way or another, and that was the only way I could put the whole thing out." 

Even with the minor hiccup, Nasty C still managed to turn his debut album into one of the biggest releases for 2016.   

"It went straight to number one on the website [Audiomack]," he explains. "I got verified the same night on the website, and the guy from the website keeps contacting me, we speak back and forth on Twitter." 

BLESSINGS @audiomack ????????

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Many fans felt that the album was so good, that they just could not take it for free.

“I still put it out on iTunes because some of the fans were requesting it. They actually wanted to pay for it, and it’s still number one right now.”

We're still number UNO ???????????????? THANK YOU!!! ??????????

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