HHP plans to pen a book based on haters tweets

2016-06-16 13:00
HHP (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Looks like motswako rapper, HHP, has found himself a new calling. The SA rap legend announced on Tuesday that he plans on penning two books.

Using the hashtag, #ThingsYouDontknowAboutJabba, he spoke about his plans to become an author. “I’m working on 2 books. A childrens book called #BaobabTree (audio aswell) & #QuickToRead #DiThoKoLoSiCanTweet. (sic)”

While we found the idea of HHP voicing a childrens audio book exciting, it was the second book that seemed to draw everyone else’s attention. “I’m combining a book of all my #H8Tweets. When I become best seller author, I pray God allows me to 2pay em 10k each. (sic)”

He explained that he branded his haters “#DiThoKoLoSi”, while his fans are called “#Fancestors”.

As for those of you who have something bad to say about the rapper in future, he says those tweets will be a welcomed addition to his book. “The beautiful thing about my book #DiThoKoLoSICanTweet is that the more trash you talk, the MORE the book sales. Keep talking trash PLEASE. (sic)”