HHP's "life's work" stolen

2016-07-11 12:21


HHP (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – It takes a lot to get HHP down in the dumps. Even after someone walked away with two of his hard drives containing his “life’s work”, the rapper did his best to maintain his composure on social media. 

On Sunday the Mostwako legend revealed on Twitter that someone had stolen from him, saying, “Whoever took off with both my hard drives full of my life’s work, May God bless you even MORE.” 

After a Twitter user suggested that the criminals probably didn't know how to use the stolen property, HHP responded, saying that he thinks otherwise. 

“They do. It’s like DJs who steal each other’s USB sticks… I know the game. I get it. They just stole from Jabba.” 

Harsh! Let's hope another good Samaritan steps in to help HHP get his property back.