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Hlaudi Motsoeneng at Mandoza's funeral: Please pay your TV licence

2016-09-23 11:16


SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng. (Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Controversial SABC employee Hlaudi Motsoeneng hi-jacked Mandoza's funeral service and made it all about himself. 

Motsoeneng was one of the speakers at Kwaito legend Mandoza's funeral on Friday. But instead of delivering a heartfelt tribute, he used the platform to push his own agenda and speak about the SABC. 

He started off by saying he was with Mandoza on Saturday. "I was called by Kevin and he was saying to me 'Nkalakatha said he wanted to talk to Hlaudi'."

"I went to see my daughter in the Free State, I was supposed to stay for the weekend, but I decided to come and engage with Nkalakatha not knowing that by meeting him, he was saying goodbye".

Then his entire tribute shifted to the SABC. 

"I know Nkalakatha. The song united for the first time South Africans, black and white. I want to tell South Africa that we need to be proud and love our own artists.

"You can't love artists from outside the country if you have your own artists. It is very important for us as South Africans to unite."

He went on to say that he didn't speak English, "I speak implementation." And pointed out the difference between "English" and speaking "intelligence."

He then went on to speak about his dismissal from the SABC: "You can't decide for my future, I decide my future." And about leaving the SABC he said: "I came back stronger and stronger."

Addressing the media rumours he said: "I don't have stress. Maybe you are stressing yourself because Hlaudi is delivering."

Motsoeneng then spoke about transformation in the country: "I want to say to you South Africans, we can't discuss transformation after 20 years. Who is the problem in South Africa? The problem is black people. How can you complain about yourself?

"God has given you unique talent as South Africans."

He spoke about his experiences when he first joined the SABC, and noticed that employees regularly travel abroad. He asked them: "Why are you going abroad?" To which they responded: "We are going to benchmark with other countries."

"I am stopping all the trips abroad. I want other countries to come use South Africa as benchmark," he said. 

He continued to speak about the 90% local music order. And said, "Mandoza is no more. Whether Hlaudi is here, or not here, the song will play on the SABC. By introducing 90% we have insured artists. They will never die poor."

He also addressed bribery within the organisation. 

He ended off by saying, "When the SABC dismissed me it was because I was empowering workers at the SABC. I did deliver. We have been delivering. Please pay your TV licence."