I have gone through a range of emotions - Thuso Mbedu

2017-09-27 17:29
PIC: Thuso Mbedu Instagram Page

Actress Thuso Mbedu has been trending this whole afternoon on social media because of her Emmy nomination for her role as Ipeleng on Mzansi Magic hit show Isthunzi. DRUM chatted to her this afternoon after the news of her nomination broke.

You are probably tired of hearing this but; how do you feel?

I have gone through a range of emotions since I found out about the nomination. At first it was disbelief, then shock and it all felt surreal then excitement. What I feel right now though is complete gratitude. For the nomination and everything that led to this moment and the people who have helped in get here in my journey.

So tell us about you getting the Isthunzi role?

That role was an answered prayer. I hadn't worked in such a long time and my agent kept telling me not to give up. So when the call came for me to audition for Isthunzi I auditioned like it was my last role. And I got the role and I am grateful for that answered prayer.

Last time we spoke you said you would want to do some behind the scenes work, how far are you with that?

It's still on track, I am actually currently developing a film I wrote and worked with with my mentor Amanda Lane that is sponsored by the KwaZulu Natal government. It's a work in progress. Speaking of Amanda just yesterday we had a conversation and then she said I need to start looking at higher horizons like working internationally, and then this nomination happens! It's just so amazing.

So which Emmy nominated or Emmy winning actresses would you love to work with?

Funny enough when my partner and I were celebrating my nomination the first two names that came to mind to work with are Viola Davis and Taraj P Henson. They are very great actresses and would love to work with them definitely.

You are 26?


And an Emmy nomination is a big deal and in some actresses lives it comes later on. Is this something you dreamed of?

I wouldn't have thought it would come so soon in my career. It's so crazy but I am grateful for this. Am overwhelmed.

Back to Isthunzi, how hard was it to play the role of Ipeleng?

That was one of the most challenging role I ever did. It was completely challenging and one of the best roles I have done. The character changes with the story and as an actress I had to push myself and execute that and make it believable. 

I played her and got into the character so much that during shooting of episode 9 and 10 I had a panic attack on set.

Why was that?

I got into Ipeleng so much that when we stopped rolling I couldn't get out of character and that made me panic.

Having gone through a tough time before getting this role and now getting this big nod, what would be your advice to young people or people in general?

My advice is don't lose hope. Put in the time and work hard.