ICYMI: Francois van Coke and iFani come together on Coke Studio

2016-09-26 11:09


iFani (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – ICYMI: Coke Studio was set ablaze on Saturday when iFani and Francois van Coke fused hip-hop and rock in a one of a kind collaboration. 

The episode saw a classic Cape collaboration with a special blend of hip-hop and rock when the Eastern Cape’s iFani met with Western Cape’s Francois van Coke. 

Producer Dolf created a heavy rock beat leaving it up to the two stars to find a way to blend their sounds. Suprising everyone, iFani came up with a beautiful melody that took their track, Timeline, to another level. 

Rising stars, Morena the Squire and Lindiwe Bungane, also joined the episode, meeting with phenomenal house producer, Cueber, to create a passionate love song.

Given only two days, the artists soon found themselves uninspired by the beats initially presented to them. But it was not long before Cueber created something that got their creative juices flowing. In the end, Morena and Lindiwe’s first collaboration flourished into an unforgettable house track, Turning Me On. 

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