iFani reinvents his look

2016-06-23 06:00


iFani (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Goodbye, quirky and crazy. Hello, suave and sexy! SA rapper iFani is known for being a little “out of the box” when it comes to his fashion sense, but now the artist is suiting up in an attempt to reinvent his image.

The Milli singer has stepped back on the scene from a self-imposed hiatus, ready to get back into action and focus all his attention on promoting his album, I Believes In Me (2nd Quadrant)

“I have been studying a lot and I now know that if you don’t know who you are first, then things don’t seem to work out for you,” he says.

With this new outlook on life also comes a new classic and dapper look. iFani says the reason for this change is because he stopped chasing success.

“I started working on myself and stopped chasing success. I looked at the relationships I had, I forgave myself, my mother, my baby mama, friends, enemies, and started paying attention more to my feelings, and took care of my son more. People who didn’t add value started disappearing from my life.”

(Photos: Supplied)