HHP: I’m not about this Cassper and AKA bull

2016-05-30 10:54


HHP Instagram
HHP Instagram

Cape Town – HHP (Hip-Hop Pantsula), who is also known as Jabba, recently sat down with The African Hip-Hop and told them his thoughts about the new school of SA urban music, particularly those who don't show respect to those who came before them.

In the sitdown interview, seemingly filmed in a studio, the rapper expresses his hate for the lyrical content of what he calls local “trap” music but also mentions his love for the beats. 

In case you are wondering exactly what “trap” music is, it is best described as: a mixture of synths, 808 bass lines, flutes , snare drums and long, stretched out vowels with catchy hooks about the good life i.e champagne and pretty woman. 

As far as local beefs (like AKA and Cassper’s) HHP says he is not about it, explaining that he would handle things in a much more direct way than simply penning songs about the issues causing conflict. 

See the video here: