Is that a budding bromance between J'Something and Maps we see?

2016-11-13 08:00


J'Something, Maps Maponyane (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – There’s nothing cuter than a budding bromance. And it’s even better when it’s between two of our favourite stars. 

Mi Casa frontman, J’Something, shared the sweetest message with his friend Maps Maponyane on Thursday. His only request? That they could spend more time together. 

“Got no words for this dude man… been busy thinking what or how I could justify with words how genuine this guy is! Maps Maponyane thanks for being a good friend... pity this life right now doesn't grant us enough time together but bless you homie!” J wrote. 

Turns out Maps feels just the same about J. “Not many like you out there. All love bro,” he replied. 

Everybody together now, “Aaaww!”.