It's a girl, after three boys for Heinz and Alette Winckler

2019-07-22 18:02
Heinz Winckler, Alette Winckler
Heinz Winckler, Alette Winckler (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Heinz and Alette Winckler have announced that they are expecting a baby girl.

Alette made the announcement on Instagram Live, sharing the fantastic news with her 22 500 Instagram followers.

The gender reveal was met with great joy from her followers, with many saying they "screamed" and "cried" from excitement! 

Alette, who has three boys with her singer husband Heinz, told Huisgenoot that she can't wait to play dress-up with her daughter, as she has always been jealous of the cute girl clothes in the store. 

She also previously told the lifestyle publication that they received a vision from Gold, that they would have three boys and a daughter. Now, the vision has become clear. 

In a previous interview with Channel24, Heinz spoke about how much he enjoys fatherhood, saying: "I love watching these little people grow up in front of us. They have a little bit of my wife and me in them, but at the same time, they're unique. I also really enjoy learning more about the father heart of God by being a father myself."

Following the announcement, fans have flooded Alette with messages of congratulations!