Jacaranda FM's Rian van Heerden isn't hanging up his mic just yet

2017-03-31 16:02


rian van heerden

Johannesburg - Rian van Heerden, host of the award-winning Complimentary Breakfast show on JacarandaFM, is staying put.

He was due to leave the station at the end of the month but, in a dramatic turn of events, has been persuaded to stay on as host of The Complimentary Breakfast.

On Thursday morning, JacarandaFM’s programme manager, Gavin Meiring, interrupted Rian’s show explaining that there had been numerous requests from listeners for Rian to stay and read some of these messages on air.

A very surprised and somewhat reluctant Rian eventually decided to open the lines to his listeners so that they could make their voices heard. Rian took a day to deliberate and given the fact that he still has a couple of exciting things to tick off his bucket list, Rian apologised in advance for staying on a bit longer.

Rian also tweeted his intention to stay with this post:

Meiring says that in addition to things that remain the same for now, there are also a couple of exciting changes coming to the JacarandaFM line-up: Kriya Gangiah will now be hitting the airwaves every Monday to Friday between 19:00 and 22:00 and the Breakfast Extra show – between 4:00 and 6:00 - will now be presented by the ever-popular Mmasea Petjie.