Jack Parow posts graphic photo of stabbed friend

2017-10-23 10:23
PHOTO: Instagram/@jackparow

Warning: The content in this article may be upsetting to sensitive viewers

Jack Parow shared a shocking image on Instagram over the weekend of a friend, who the singer claims was stabbed in the face by a taxi driver in Mellville, Joburg.

In his caption, the 35-year-old first apologised for the “graphic nature of the photo” before alleging his friend Dirk Agenbag had ordered an Uber and when he tried to get, a taxi driver “stabbed him three times in the face”. 

The singer described the incident in greater detail to YOU on Monday.

“He told me that he was getting inside his Uber when someone came out of nowhere and stabbed him in the face,” Jack said.

“As he was bleeding, the Uber driver came out of the car and told him to ‘get out of the car because he was bleeding all over his seats’.

“This was really shocking because if the guy who attacked him was a robber he would have tried to steal something but this was a random attack which lead him and I to believe that it has to do with the war between meter taxi drivers and Uber drivers.”     

“These are criminals, they are gangsters, they are killers,” said an emotional Jack.

“I just think that it is so crazy to threaten to hurt someone you don’t even know – to stab someone in the face, all because they chose to take an Uber.”

In spite of the incident, the father of one said he is a fan of Uber adding he believes that instead of being violent meter taxis should be upgrading with the times.

“90% of all Uber drivers that I have come across have told me that they were once meter taxi drivers, which means that they are benefiting from Uber being here.”

“They really shouldn’t be doing this to people because it is not just about a war between them now, they are involving innocent passengers and it is so wrong and unfair.

“Everyday people are getting hurt and it is not fair!”

See Jack’s full post here.YOU approached Uber for comment on the incident.

"This is a distressing situation that needs thorough investigation", Uber spokesperson Samantha Allenberg told YOU 

"Our incident response team is reaching out to all parties and will provide whatever support is necessary. We will support the police in their investigation in any way that we can.

“We are deeply committed to the safety of all who use the Uber app. We are doing all we can to assist in preventing incidents and provide assistance to driver-partners and riders, but government and authorities must now step in and take a stronger stand to end this violence.”   

Source: Instagram

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