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Jade Hübner is a girl on a mission to raise funds for the SPCA

2016-10-04 10:39


Jade Hubner
Jade Hubner (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - Top Billing presenter Jade Hübner is on a mission to raise funds for the SPCA through the Celebrities Go Wild for Wildlife campaign. 

Her goal is to raise R50 000 - together with the Locnville twins - for the SPCA and to reach that goal she's asking the public to donate and dare her to do something she's never done before. Each dare can be a donation of between R5 and R50 000 - or even more! - and it all goes towards the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

Find out more about the cause and donate here

We had a quick chat with Jade about her fund raising mission: 

How did you get involved with Cape of Good Hope SPCA?

I've always been involved with dog shelters. My one dog is a rescue, from another animal shelter, and I've always supported the SPCA growing up. And being the media now, they contacted me and I thought it was a wonderful cause to raise money for charity. 

Why is this cause so important to you?

I think the people behind the SPCA have good intentions and they really are passionate about what they are doing. For me it's all about energy and passion and trust. I feel like the people that I've met there, really have good hearts. There are too many dogs, too many cats and too many animals but they really are doing the best that they can. They are a wonderful organisation and I do support them.  

How will the campaign benefit the SPCA and why should people donate? 

All the money raised will be going toward protecting our wildlife and for me it is kind of a no brainer! Why would you not want to donate? I grew up watching the Discovery channel and now with Top Billing I get to travel and see these game reserves and animals in real life. Nothing beats seeing it in real life! These creatures are so beautiful. They feel fear, they feel pain, they feel love, they mourn. These are living, feeling beings. I feel like we should protect these animals who don't have a voice. It's important for us to protect those who can't. 

What are some of the craziest dares you've received so far?

There has been a paragliding dare. Heights can be scary. There has also been dares for me to go on Top Billing in a onesie. Not sure of the SABC would allow that! 

Is there anything you would hate to do or that you are really scared of?

I am petrified of sharks. That is pretty much the biggest thing for me! 

What would you dare the Locnville twins to do, if you could?

I would dare them to wax their legs!

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