Janez Vermeiren on fatherhood and marriage

2018-02-08 12:15
Janez Vermeiren (Instagram)

DESPITE having had a good modelling career, it was Top Billing that introduced Janez Vermeiren to a wider audience. He started as the DIY guy on the show who almost always had his shirt off. Clearly showing off his hot body paid off as it wasn't long before he became a presenter on the show. Move! talks to the former Top Billing presenter about the joys of being a father.


When he’s not busy heating up things on our small screens, Janez is a loving father to his three boys and a husband to his beautiful Brazilian wife Juliana. About two years ago, they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family there to witness their vows. He says even though it was not the Top Billing kind of wedding it was his dream wedding. A clearly smitten Janez says, “We had been dating for about seven years. When we finally got married, it was spontaneous.” But their relationship was not without its fair share of ups and downs. Janez and Juliana called off their engagement a year after the Man Cave presenter popped the question but later reunited. Janez wouldn't disclose why the engagement was cancelled.


Janez says he can barely recall life before he had children. “I live for my children. They bring so much joy in my life,” he reveals. “Being a good father and husband go hand-in-hand.” He says he finds it puzzling that a person would be a good father but a bad husband. The father of three boys, Matisse  from a previous relationship, Vincent and Noah, says he enjoys fatherhood and marriage. “Once you get married you feel like you’ve come full circle in life,” he says. When Move! asks him how he feels about only fathering boys, he says jokingly, “I thought the little one would be a girl but apparently I can’t make girls.”


When Janez left Top Billing, he started his own production company, Cheeky Media, which produces Man Cave among other productions. “Top Billing was a great opportunity. I got there as the DIY guy but later became a presenter,” he says. “I must have done a good job. I got into this industry knowing nothing. But I have never backed away from a challenge and I give 100 percent in whatever I do. Whenever I face adversity in life I just keep fighting because most people give up just moments away from success.” “I love showbiz. I think I would be bored if I were to do another job. No days are the same because you are constantly on your toes,” adds the former model. As much as he loves showbiz, he admits it is not without challenges of its own. “I’ve thought about other opportunities like being a professional sports star, but I can’t play sport. And besides I’m already passed my sell-by date,” he says.

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