Jimmy Nevis and Bucie show what they've got on the next Coke Studio

2016-09-16 10:13


Bucie, Mr Kamera, Cleo Ice Queen (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Indie meets pop/RnB in the new episode of Coke Studio. Singer/songwriter Jimmy Nevis is set to join forces with new talent, Opposite The Other in the fourth installment of the show. 

As with all collabs, this one experiences its fair share of hitches and glitches as the two lead singers battle to fuse their different styles. In the end though, it all comes together when they produce a killer track. 

The queen of house music, Bucie, will heat things up in the second part of the show as she collaborates with hip-hop/dancehall vixen Cleo Ice Queen to create a track with a touch of South African flavour. 

Catch the next episode of Coke Studio on Saturday at 18:05 on