Jo-Ann Strauss has a special message for women

2017-03-09 14:00
Jo-Ann Strauss. (Gallo Images)

Cape Town - Local TV personality, Jo-Ann Strauss, shared an inspirational message with women all over the world. 

The star is currently in Dubai and looking beautiful. Take a look at her snaps here.

"The world seems an unfair place at times, but you can make it fair ... for you. Don't sacrifice your femininity to be like them," she wrote on Instagram.

In the post the former South Africa encourages women to stay true to themselves, "What makes you different also makes you stronger. Wear pink if you want to, do ballet, enjoy heels and pretty dresses."

"Don't mistake being harsh for bring powerful. Look for the good in others. They didn't see you coming. Use the element of surprise and rise above their expectations of what you can do, and your own expectations, she ends off the post.  

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