Jonathan Boynton-Lee gives up belongings worth thousands to Instagram followers

2018-03-01 14:58
PHOTO: Jonathan Boynton-Lee Instagram

Cape Town - On Wednesday evening Top Billing presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee took to Instagram to share a random act of kindness.

He’d withdrawn his daily ATM limit and decided to give it all away. The presenter also included an iPad, travel bag, some suits, a watch and some cash for someone to take their partner on a date.

First come, first served, he said. “It’s not something I woke up and decided to do, I do it all the time,” he told DRUM.

 “It’s a big part of what I do – using your public profile for good. I just thought today I’d use it on social media to inspire other people, and use the platform for something good rather than posting selfies.

“I didn’t expect such a crazy response. It was amazing! People were reading other people’s comments asking for things and offering to help them.

“I had about 200 people directly messaging me, asking for help, or offering help, saying ‘I’ve got a dress I can giveaway’ and [giving what they can].

“With the iPad, there were two people who were quite close together in asking for it. So I just put them in touch with each other and let them work it out and the one girl said the other one needs it more,” Jonathan said.

And all the 37-year-old wanted to achieve was to “spread some love and kindness, and hope people will do the same”.

At the moment Jonathan is working on the concept of a show called Bucket List. It’s about giving and making people’s dreams come true. The multitalented actor-presenter is working on the show with Wingin’ It presenter Siv Ngesi.  “It’s all about fulfilling people’s dreams,” Jonathan says.

“It’s still at the very early stages of development, I realised how much you can do with so little,” he says. “I would love to be on that Ellen [DeGeneres] level of giving.”

Although he’d love to, the hunky TV personality can’t help everybody, he says, and would love people to look at the comments of his post and help those he wasn’t able to.

“I’d really appreciate if they could go through the comments and see if they can help in any way,” he says. “If they see someone they can help out with a dress or a textbook or something like that, I definitely encourage that. That’s what it’s all about.”

Check out Jonathan’s amazing act of kindness below, and see what you can do help too: