Joost: Huisgenoot gets audio forensic expert to listen to leaked recordings

2017-07-28 13:37


Amor Vittone
Amor Vittone (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - A controversial recording has surfaced online of a conversation between a woman and a man in which the woman verbally abuses the man. The leaked video is allegedly a recorded conversation between Afrikaans singer Amor Vittone and her estranged husband Joost van der Westhuizen. 

The former Springbok rugby player died on 6 February after being diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2011.

In the leaked video a female is heard hurling hurtful insults at an incoherent male. 

Speaking to The Juice, Amor's lawyer said: "We have not received the original unedited version of the telephonic conversation and as such we cannot make any statement at this stage, as far the accuracy of the recording is concerned and we need to listen to the full unedited original recording before we can make any specific statement in this regard." 

He added: "It is clear from the videoclip in which the conversation is concluded, that it is not the full conversation and not the original conversation, as the clip was edited and therefore the contents thereof must be examined." 

Huisgenoot enlisted the services of forensic expert Dr. Len Jansen to determine to authenticity of the leaked recordings. 

According to Dr. Jansen the recordings in the video were not recordings from telephone conversations, but from a face-to-face exchange. 

Speaking to Huisgenoot Dr. Jansen confirmed that the sentences in the recordings are authentic, saying: "You can't build such sentences from separate words." 

He determined this by listening to the continuity of the tone in the speaker's voice. The man's mumbling and the woman's immediate response is from one conversation, Jansen explains. 

He said that it is possible that the sound recordings were taken from different recordings, but confirmed that each separate part consists of a direct sound byte that was recorded in that way.

At the time of publishing Dr. Jansen could not confirm if the voices in the audio were indeed Amor and Joost. 

Throughout the ordeal Amor maintains that Joost was the love of her life and despite the animosity between them, she never spoke to him in that way, and treated him with respect.

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