J’Something opens up about losing his father

2016-06-07 09:28


Cape Town - J’Something shared a picture of his late father on Instagram, who passed away two days ago.

"2 days ago whilst on tour he passed away. Hardest thing I have ever had to deal with... People close to me understand what I'm feeling," he posted.

He went on talk about how, despite having heard the news of his father passing just moments before, he had to go on stage, smile, dance and sing.

"My choice. In a way doing what I love helped me deal with it. I love him beyond words... He made me. I wanna thank all the people around me that sent me messages and comforted me!"

He ended off by thanking those close to him for all the messages of condolences and prayers.

"We are nothing without people and I wouldn't be on planet earth with this dude right here... My father... RIP Carlos Fonseca aka Papa I will miss you..."

J'Something is currently making his way to Portugal to be with his family.