J'Something shares memories from Portugal

2018-02-08 19:00
J'Something (Photo: Instagram/J'Something)

Johannesburg – J’Something has returned to Portugal, the country of his birth, for a short stay, and while there the singer has shared some amazing snaps and stories with fans on Instagram. 

From local cuisine to pics of his hometown and even the house he grew up in, J has shared it all. 

“This is the first and only house my family owned… we lost it due to some complications with family but mark my words we will get it back,” J captioned a pic of himself and his brother in front of their childhood home.

In another snap, J showed off one of his favourite Portuguese delicacies – Filhó. “Now doughnuts are great and all… but a “Filhó”. Filhó’s are traditional Portuguese style doughnuts that have this incredible elasticy dough and are coated in cinnamon sugar! The bomb!” he wrote. 

Take a look at some of his posts here: